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Safety clamps widely popular in modern society
    Safety clip clamp, as it is called in some places, this is English translation, from his role and clamp are similar, but with matching with quick connector is not the same. So we here according to the Chinese people used to call him for safety clamp, with sets of materials are divided into: stainless steel safety clamp, aluminum, brass safety clip. By forging aluminum hose clamp connection joint, corresponding to the rubber hose is work pressure for 25 bar; Aluminum casing joint work pressure is 16 bar; Polypropylene PP material for 10 bar. For polyurethane sealing gasket, stainless steel joint gasket for teflon PTFE.
Planar seal;
    Safety clip features include: compression performance is stable, suitable for working pressure bar; Connection is firm; Easy to operate; The rapid installation; Joint size DN 125 above the end only provide flange connection way; Accessories can be used.
Safety clamp used in all walks of life, including chemical industry, beverage industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, blast furnace ironmaking, airport gas and liquefied petroleum gas.