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The important role of the pneumatic chuck in the machine tool group

At present, NC equipment particularly dependent on night pressure fixture pneumatic chuck products to clamp the workpiece, to ensure accuracy of the car out of the device. And hydraulic fixture chuck jaws to through a special process to manufacture, so as to ensure the normal operation of the chuck and the quality of the numerical control equipment. Chuck is generally divided into four claw, claw, octopus and twelve claw, and we produce gas chuck, can in the CNC lathe work, with the job requirements and thus increasing pressure, or is reduced, to assist in the CNC lathe a better and more beautiful pieces of technology.

In the hydraulic fixture is generally applied in CNC lathe, the mechanical manufacturing industry by leaps and bounds, the technical difficulties of a road is broken, which are not the development of CNC lathe. In order to better batch processing all types of Gongjian, enterprises in the production of hydraulic chuck must clamp the workpiece to complete a series of movement, prompted the workpiece can be in accordance with the reasonable design size made the use of specific steps, we said are elaborated in detail.

The need of high quality pneumatic chuck China's machinery manufacturing, in order to achieve this goal, development of frontline staff in the continuous technical improvements, to urge to produce the highest standards of hydraulic fixture, for China's machinery manufacturing industry to make contribution, let the machinery industry in China is heading in to lead world machinery manufacturing industry's rapid development.

Recent domestic enterprises to participate in international exhibitions are increasing, in order to adapt to the market development, and promote the mechanical manufacturing industry, domestic enterprises are also working to win the international market, is committed to the production of more and better products to serve the machinery market.