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The working principle of Pneumatic Spider

The working principle of the pneumatic spider is driven by compressed air in the cylinder piston movement to achieve clamping action chuck.

Pneumatic spider working principle as shown in figure 3-8:

The spindle of the lathe 12 left use the flange disc is fixed a cylinder 9, compressed air through the trachea, the valve switch 2, airway 5 to enter on the left side of the cylinder. The piston moves left, drive rod, crankshaft rod long arm of 15 mobile, arm rod 13 of the clip claw clamping workpiece, then on the left side of the cylinder of the gas along the airway 4, valve switch, crossing 3 discharge. If the rotary valve with the handle of the valve is connected with the pipe 4, the vent 3 is connected with the pipe 5, then the compressed air is flowing in the opposite direction, and the card claws automatically release..

Pneumatic cylinder device is rotated together with the main spindle, airway coupling 7 is fixed. In order to reduce the friction between the connector and the cylinder body, a rolling bearing is arranged in the middle of 8, and 6 pads to prevent leakage.


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